Two or so minute moments

by nyanda j.

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Small increments of time,
mostly fictitious.

One-takes done on a zoom mic,
zoom zoom.


released November 19, 2015

Guitars and Pianooooss



all rights reserved


nyanda j. Perth, Australia

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Track Name: On my back under pine trees
Lying on my back under pine trees
I have not a care in the world
something in the wind’ll remind me

Softly my eyes are closing
fall into another day dream
something in the sky I remember

Feeling as if I belong here
why should I be anywhere else?
something in the wind to remember

no way of holding to a moment
no way of holding to a moment
Track Name: After the matinee
Beautiful people
laughing about and dancing strange
to song after song
the ones we knew and loved as kids

They don’t know you
and you don’t really know them well
but you’re not complaining
your head is light the drinks are free

then I stop to take another sip
thinking here I go, hesitating again
well it’s the only way
for me to be

Quit your thinking
go with them darling I don’t care
you know you belong here
try not to change your mind this time

doubt seems to find its way
now the moment’s gone I’m second guessing again
well I guess I’m used to it
I guess I best be leaving

beautiful people
dancing around from far away
the music fading
try not to change your mind next time
Track Name: In Proximity
Getting everything you were asking for
oddly disconnected from everyone

Floating in and out of the crowd,
‘Where am I to stand?’, ‘How do I hold myself?’

Walking through the ground floor gallery,
trying make myself as inconspicuous as possible

My footsteps echo out as I’m watching them
wanna be a part of something outside of me

They move, the pieces move me
Move the pieces move me
Move something move me
Move please move me
Track Name: In Lot 20
More than just coincidence I find you here
I find myself compressing energy
painful to breathe

Watch your distinctive ways your grace is dizzying
your head is slightly tilted
as you’re walking to me

The shock of your long-gone voice
within your simple greeting

Lost again inside a place
where time and space unravel

Then falls a pregnant silence
your eyes turn to me
you say, ‘I best be going’
and I let you go
Track Name: In our bed
It’s late now you don’t need to tell me anything you feel
I hear I know what’s going on

Strange how we can lie without an inch of space between
yet still we feel very much alone

In my dreams I’m opening up to you
right time
right words
but in our bed I haven’t the heart to ask
too scared to be tired
too close to open
Track Name: Eleanor
Two memories I can’t erase
Two chances I had missed
Replay whenever I overhear your name


Staying up half-watching rage
Flat on our backs on the floor
Your hand brushing against mine and I recoiled


Walking you home half-blind
You said, “I think I’m in love.”
and to which I reply, “It’s getting late.”