Mumblings - Live at the Ellington

by nyanda j.

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Here! Have a handful of tracks recorded live at the Ellington Jazz club.

The crowd was small but lovely all the same. Very grateful to have had a super intimate setting in which to share my music and a few of the stories behind them (most of which involve me falling in and out of love CONSTANTLY) ehhhhh.

Thank you so much to the Ellington for having me, to Niko behind the desk, to Chris and Craig who stuck around and to those who came to watch me (I can count you on my left hand).


released August 6, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Nikolaas Wajon

Photo taken by Elwyn Lan



all rights reserved


nyanda j. Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Our Home Away From Home
Our home this run down tavern
watch 'em horses go 'round and 'round
no talking, hardly any women..

Only Charlene behind the bar,
go ask if her day's been slow

One bloke glued to the pokies
flashing lights, you think he's won?
Two credits from forty dollars

Yeah, maybe, yeah maybe this time
Well you won't know 'til you try..

Sit down and meet the locals
old Jack's a drooling mess,
few others hiding in the corner

Yeah one more and then I'll go home
one more and then I'll go home
fuuuc.. (Indistinguishable)

Our home away from home in this run down tavern
Our home away from home in this run down tavern

Track Name: Here In a Crowded Terminal
Here in a crowded terminal
with your lips on mine
I'm unashamed of our love

but I know soon you've gotta go
We cannot go on
to hold each other back

There is no wish to weigh you down
You must be free to live
for you and you alone

To say 'Please, stay with me.'
is far too much
to ask of anyone

For now..
Be safe..
ten thousand miles away
our time
some better parts of me

Whether here or there or halfway in between. Sure to find a way. We will meet again.

You tell me 'Please, just walk away.'
So I force myself
to not look back at you

With every heavy step leads to uncertainty
but I'm without regret
for ever knowing you..

Love, return her safely to her family's waiting arms.
Track Name: Below the Bridge, Along the Edge
Alone along this edge it seems a different place
as you walk below the bridge to watch the river
On splintered wood you find a spot to settle on;
numb to the rhythm of the trucks and cars above you

Reliving a time when grateful tears were rolling down;
alone along the edge you laughed hysterically
Screaming out, "I found it! Thank God, I finally feel it now."
While life around you ran without you moving

Still dressed for work and the smell of beer it clings to you
with the blur of smiles and empty words you shared for hours
And you don't want to go home,
you don't want to go out
or be seen by them this way
But it's not their fault they're getting on without you moving

You've been looking 'round
for anyone to touch,
for anything to take you back to
what you had but in the back of your mind you know you'll never love that way again,
that it's over
but good while you had it

You turn yourself away
to be alone;
returning to the place
you always go

When life runs circles 'round you
(above the bridge)
you're still beside the river
(along the edge)

Try to keep from going under
(below the bridge)
as you carry on pretending
(along the edge)

Feel as if you're living
still beside the river
Track Name: "Look, it's been fun..."
Her love
will take you higher than you've ever gone;
everything and anything you had felt before

Her ways
mysterious and unexplainable;
are all an act,
good enough to hide away her hurt

There's something wild,
something red and gold about her

Something there;
a sadness that she will never speak of

You reach out
and the moment that you start to fall,
she'll turn
and say to you..

"Hey boy, I must be moving on."

Her home;
a couch, a mattress or a room to spare
whatever bar that she was working in

The world
had rarely ever seen her sitting still,
her life now;
a new town for every year

And there's something there,
something that she dare not mention

That all she wants
is a tiny house and a certain someone

Something stops
the moment that she starts to fall,
she'll turn and say to you..

"Look, I must be moving on.."

"Hey look I must be moving on.."

"It's been fun but I best be getting on.."

"Hey boy I must be moving on.."